Our Services

Please find below an overview of the management services that Weigel Property Management can provide to your corporation:

Our Service Overview

Property Management in the Waterloo Region requires a need to fulfill a huge spectrum of professional duties. Multi-Residential Property Management and Commercial Management within our Regions market requires an abundant amount of attention to detail and a vast understanding of all the legalities involved in operating a condominium.

The ultimate objective of our management team is always the same – to add value to our client’s property portfolio through effective property management. Every one of the range of services we provide to our boards, investors, developers, owner occupiers and commercial investors is crafted with that aim in mind.   Our property managers are organized into a small team with an added layer of oversight by the president. This approach cultivates consistent and responsive service, proactive oversight, efficient building operations, and highly personalized support for your board and residents. 

Our managers also have the support of our “heart of house” departments to help navigate situations that require more specific expertise.  Our family-oriented environment empowers our managers/staff to provide proven solutions to issues and quickly pivot as challenges arise within a property or community.

Residential and Commercial Management

Our Condo Management services include large scale tasks such as preparation of annual operating budgets, purchasing and renewing adequate insurance policies and processing of claims, coordinating maintenance and repairs of the common areas, including negotiating service contracts and determination of capital expenditures, and maintain the Reserve Fund and Trust accounts with monthly statements. In addition to major tasks, our Condo Management services also include, the collection of monthly condominium fees, payment of expenses, submissions of operating statements to the Board of Directors, attendance to all Board Meetings and advising the Board of Directors as required. Included as well as is the provision of notices to all condominium owners of the annual general meeting and any special meetings, together with proxies and meeting agendas, assembly and delivery of required sale documents, operating Rental Pools, and By-Law Enforcement.

Investor Managed Portfolios

Over the last 30 years working with developers, our clients now include building owners and occupiers. Today our portfolio includes high quality residential, commercial, mixed-use, student accommodation and industrial sites.

New Build Developments and Consulting Services

We accompany our clients through the entire development process. Our aim is consistent to see the vision through success.

Project Management

Occasionally condominiums will have a project that requires a significant level of oversight. We have a team of seasoned project managers on staff for just those occasions. We will review the scope of the project and prepare a proposal for project management services. Our management staff form a team that will lead your community each step of the way through project conception to completion.

Financial Reporting and Property Management Accounting

Managing the rental income or collection of common fees of a large commercial or residential premises can be onerous. Our property management accounting team acts as an extension of our client services team,  utilizing our top-of-the-line accounting platform to help streamline the process, saving our clients time, energy, and money.